About Us

No matter what your challenge, our team of experts is here for you.

With a strategic mindset and hands-on execution, we guide companies to increase their diversity and their resiliency, to increase their psychological safety through times of transformation, market fluctuations and growth. It’s our analysis and problem-solving ability that has led us here. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Identifying risk is only the beginning. Once we understand the issue to be resolved, we can design a solution to fit your specific needs, and measure it to ensure we are getting the anticipated results, then help cascade it through your entire organization.

We have the expertise to know what will support your business strategy, what employees will engage with, and how to make it happen.

Wellbeing consulting can help you...

  • Assess psychosocial risk, identify gaps and develop policies to realign with organizational purpose and values
  • Integrate accountability across your leadership team, HR, managers and employees
  • Uncover systemic issues that could get in the way of creating a thriving culture
  • Develop leaders’ skills so they can improve their own, and their team’s wellbeing
  • Incorporate Inclusion, Equity, Diversity and Belonging strategies in your business goals to increase market growth
  • Formulate solutions during geopolitical crisis and disruptive events that keep your people psychologically safe
  • Decrease the impact of challenging outside factors such as a remote location, or a harsh climate
  • Develop a global wellbeing framework that includes regional and local efforts
  • Innovate for future growth of your organization

WPO consultants have deep experience in
the wellbeing industry:

We’re more than consultants. We’ve trail-blazed this industry and have been helping organizations support their employees since 1982.


FIVE step process

Our process is designed to be simple, yet dive deep into your business strategy to align a wellbeing vision specifically for your goals.

Discovery Session

Do a deep dive into your organization to fully understand your current and desired cultures, business objectives, any challenges you’re facing, details of how work is done, what stage we’ll be starting from, and your demographics

Establish the ground rules for working together, ie: identify committees and/or project teams; consider the level of involvement required; and assign milestones and timelines

Visualize your future state, map your organizational health to your business strategy, and discuss success metrics

Analyze and Diagnose

Collect data points to help us understand and assess the scope of your situation

Review internal records (absentee records, vacation records, engagement surveys, etc.), and assess your situation with methods such as focus groups, HR interviews, and employee surveys

Evaluate the scope and efficacy of current programs, as well as business systems, policies, and processes

Benchmark findings against similar companies

Identify gaps and organizational development needs to get you to your vision and goals

Solution Design and Build

Present the findings of our work in a comprehensive report

Based on findings, present you with recommendations that will be aligned with your wellbeing strategy

Engage in a discussion on how to prioritize the recommended actions

Collaborate on the design and creation of new approaches, programs, and initiatives

Solution Deployment

Decide on how to implement solutions and who will be engaged to help

Develop a timeline and framework for implementation

Communicate with your whole organization how chosen solutions will help keep you on course with your vision and goals

Implement solutions based on the plan

Evaluate and Adjust

Measure results and assess the effectiveness of outcomes against your selected metrics and project goals

Make adjustments where needed

Respond to any new challenges