Wellbeing Compliance

Evaluating Wellbeing Program Compliance

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Wellbeing Strategy Development

Crafting a Comprehensive Wellbeing Strategy

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Resilient Workforce Programs

Building Resilience in Your Workforce

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Psychosocial Risk Prevention

Mitigating Psychosocial Risks in the Workplace

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Learning Audits

Auditing Learning and Development Programs

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Employee Resource Network Development (ERG – ERN)

Fostering Employee Resource Groups and Networks (ERGs/ERNs)

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Employee Listening Strategies

Developing Effective Employee Feedback Systems

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Managing Organizational Change

Navigating Organizational Change in the Workplace

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Leadership/Manager Development

Strengthening Leadership and Managerial Skills

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Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

Creating an Inclusive, Equitable and Diverse Workplace Culture

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Burnout Prevention

Implementing Effective Strategies to Combat Burnout

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Wellbeing Promoter Initiatives

Creating A Mental Health Wellbeing Ambassador Program Our Approach Promoters, ambassadors, champions, and allies play a crucial role in fostering employees’ mental health and wellbeing and creating a caring workplace culture. Our comprehensive promoter program operates at multiple levels, aiming to uncover psychosocial risks and identify, screen, train, and provide ongoing support to individuals fulfilling

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We contacted Workplace Options to start mediation between one of our managers and her team member because the latter had complained of being harassed. WPO’s consultants recommended that we analyze the situation together to come up with the most pertinent actions. We took their advice and we thank them for it. From this analysis, we established that we were not facing a genuine situation of psychological harassment. However, it revealed issues with the organization of the work which ultimately concerned the majority of the team – a workload imbalance after a reorganization by type of activity and a new way of handling customer calls, as well as difficulties with managerial regulation. We were also able to get feedback on what was going well in the team.

Their consultants assisted us with preparing the approach and motivating staff groups. Our staff also very much appreciated being associated with this project and identifying the risks in their work themselves. After this collective effort, my team was able to set priorities to put in place and share these with each of our managers and employee representatives, in order to validate our new prevention program. Ultimately, WPO’s assistance allowed us to compile a comprehensive and qualitative risk assessment, which we wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves.

Environmental Health and Safety Manager
of a renewable energy company,

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